THE BEST LASHES EVER! Andrea always has the best service and your interests in mind without causing damage to your real lashes.
Aubrey Zeutschel

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Classic full set $180

Most natural look with one to one lash ratio.

Hybrid full set $280

Best of both, full yet natural look

Volume full set $280

Full look with 2 to 10 lashes per eyelash.

Mega volume $280

Fullest look 16 plus lashes per lash

45 min fill $60

60 min fill $75

1:15 min fill $90

1:30 min fill $105

1:30 min fill $105

1:45 min fill $120

What's your look? STYLES to Choose Below


Classic Look

Keep that natural look

Volume Lashes

Volume Lashes Provides the most full look

Hybrid Lashes

Fuller natural look

Brow Tint

Enjoy that fuller eyebrow look

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Lash cleaner is very important for keeping the longevity of your lashes.  Ask for products details at your appointment. 

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